11 Aug 2014

Create Custom Emails with eM Client Templates

Send emails that will get noticed with eM Client's templates. You can make them look any way you wish, and you can use them whenever you need it. Simply choose the template before starting an email. That's it.

Setting up a template is easy on eM Client.

1. Go to Tools.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Mail.
4. Click on Templates and Signatures.
5. The top section of the window says Mail Templates. The first field is for you to "Select template for account." This should be the email you'd like to use the template on. The second field says "Template for new mails." This is where you can choose a template only to be used on new emails. The next field says "Template for replies." This is where you choose the template you would like to use for email replies. The last field is for forwards, which is why it says "Template for forwards." You can choose a different template for each one of your types of emails (new, reply or forward), or you can choose one for all of them. You can also just have a template for new mails, replies or forwards.
6. Create a template by clicking on Mail Template... A window will appear. You can then click on Add to create a new one.
7. After clicking Add, a window will come up. This is where you will create your template. Fill in the Template name, Subject, and then choose a font and color. You can then choose background. You can either use a photo or just have a solid color. To the right, you can create the email you want to turn into a template. Once you're done, click OK to save it.
8. To modify a template, simply click Modify in the Templates window. You will then be able to edit the template you have chosen.
9. To delete a template, just click on Remove after selecting the template you no longer want.

Templates are an attractive, easy way to send emails to people who will take notice of your unique email style. You can also create templates when you're sending a similar email to many people, but only need to change a few parts of it. Templates can be used in many ways, so test it out today to see what you can do with them.

Getting eM Client for Great Looking Emails

If you don't have eM Client yet, you don't know what you're missing. You can try it out for free by going to our site at https://www.emclient.com. Once you see how powerful it is, you will probably want to use it for all your accounts, which means you'll want to sign up for the PRO license. It's a minimal cost for the amount of high quality features you'll receive from our email client. Download it now!