6 Feb 2020

Contact Avatars

Have you ever wondered how and where does eM Client download contact avatars from? Today, we'll let you know how it works.

Primarily, contact images are downloaded from Gravatar, which offers the ability to manage your avatars on multiple accounts from one location. You can read more about this service directly on the Gravatar website. Additionally, eM Client downloads images from domain icons. So if you have favicon on your server and the icon is in the correct format, eM Client will retrieve it for all email addresses from your domain.

For email service providers who provide free email accounts, we have an exception so that eM Client will not download their favicons. A person with @yahoo.com email account domain is most likely not an actual employee of Yahoo Inc., so the Yahoo icon will not be relevant for them. If the address has a domain with additional identifiers, for example, @help.yahoo.com, the person works in Yahoo support and the Yahoo.com favicon will be downloaded and applied.

If you need any help with the avatar set up, do not hesitate to contact us.

And if this feature bothers you, you can turn it off at any time in Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts (Download avatars from external sources).