16 Apr 2020

Communication history

We'd like to introduce an interesting feature that you could have easily overlooked as it's not readily available in the user interface: communication history.

It's a very useful function when you need to find a specific message or file in your communication history.

Surely you have used communication history before in the contact detail in the right sidebar but browsing the messages can take quite a lot of time here.

Right-clicking on the contact's name in the "Contact details" section allows you to select either the "Communication History" or "Attachment history" options. This will open a separate window, in which you can quickly filter incoming/outgoing messages, restrict your search to email or chat, or search by keywords.

Tip: Did you know that in the communication history you can search directly in the sidebar? Simply click on a message in the list and start typing. eM Client will display the search window and automatically starts filtering messages.