24 Sep 2014

Adjusting the Confirmations for eM Client Activities

When you go to delete an email, do you appreciate it when your program asks you if you are really sure you want to delete it? When you want to move a message, do you like that it confirms you want to move it to a specific folder? If so, you're probably okay with the default settings on eM Client for confirmations. If you don't want to be asked these questions, it might be a good idea to keep reading.

eM Client wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with what you're doing on your email program. Some people enjoy being asked questions, while others just want to have the task completed as soon as they hit the button. It's a personal option. For those of you who want to make changes to the confirmations in your eM Client program, you can do so easily by going to Settings.

Settings is found under Tools. When you click on Settings, a window comes up. On the left hand side of that window, you will see an option for Confirmations. When you click on that, you will see a list of available confirmations and then boxes next to each task.

When you check the box, you are saying you want that specific confirmation made. For example, the first one says, "Ask before deleting folder". If you want the program to ask you if you really want to delete a folder when you click on the "x" for deleting, you should check this box. If you don't want it to ask you, uncheck the box.

You can move down the list pretty quickly checking and unchecking the things that you would like the program to check with you on. When you get to the bottom, you'll see a different option for moving your junk mail. When you move your junk mail, you have a few options such as always ask you what you want to do. This is if you usually want to do something different to each one. Another junk mail option is to send it right to your junk mail folder and blacklist the email. The other option is to put the email in your junk folder and blacklist the domain. People blacklist emails when they don't receive much spam from that particular sender; however, those that receive a great deal of spam from a domain will want to choose the blacklist domain options. This ensures you don't receive any other emails from a sender that has the domain.

After you're done selecting the options, click on Apply and OK. You are all set. You will now be reminded or not reminded for the activities you chose.

If you don't have eM Client yet, go to the site to download today. It's completely free for personal use (up to two email accounts), and we have a low price for those that need more than two accounts. Let us know if you have any questions.