Beautiful mail templates

Beautiful mail templates are not there just for the looks, they actually increase interest due to some cool elements in the templates.

What are mail templates?

An email template is an HTML file that you use to build a mail campaign. A good template is size-responsive, meaning that it will adjust according to the size of the viewer’s screen and will render itself across various mail service providers. Once you create a mail template, you can then use it for multiple campaigns, but with different content.

Apple mail templates

Using mail templates in Apple Mail is quite easy.

  • Firstly, open the Mail application on your Mac.

  • To create a new mailbox called Templates, click Mailbox in the menu bar and select New Mailbox from the menu.

  • Select a location for the mailbox and type Templates into the name field.

  • Create a new message and write anything that you would like the template to contain.

Keep in mind that you will always be able to make additions and reductions.

Once you’ve written your message, save it as a draft. Then, go to the Drafts mailbox and move the message from the Drafts mailbox to the Templates mailbox. To edit a template, select the message and click Send Again or press Command+Shift-D to open the template in a new window.

What are the benefits of using mail templates?

One of the benefits of using mail templates is saving time. Did you know that about 63% of marketers spend a minimum of 2 hours per campaign? But with more complex campaigns, it can take even more time. Mail templates allow you to add your content to existing mail templates, meaning that you spend less time creating mail templates and spend more time creating content.

Another great benefit of mail templates is delivering ersonalized experiences. Many businesses say that personalization is critical to their success. But how can a reusable mail template be personal? With your template already designed, all you have to do is enter your content.

There are many options for personalization. One of the basics is by simply adding your subscriber’s name, but if you’d like to take it to the next level, you can make location or action-based personalization. With a well-built template and great mail content that communicates to your subscribers, success is guaranteed.

eM Client mail templates

Using mail templates in eM Client is easier than ever. To create a new template, open up Menu > Settings > Mail. Once in the Mail section, open up Templates and Signatures. In the Mail Templates section, click on the Mail Templates... button and then click New.

Be sure to give the template a name, otherwise, you won’t be able to save it. Then you may pick the color , font, set a background image, add any attachments, and write up a template mail. The most popular choice of mail templates is an introductory mail template.

As an example, we have created a few mail templates for you to have a look at!

eM Client: Email template
eM Client: Email template
eM Client: Email template