Automatic replies in Outlook

Your long awaited vacation is just around the corner and you deserve to enjoy every second of it without worrying about your inbox. Set up automatic replies and quit wondering whether or not your boss will forget that you’re in Bora Bora and can’t make it to the meeting on Tuesday.

However, it’s common courtesy to let people know their message was received and that you’ll get back to them when you return. No need to do this manually; Microsoft Outlook 365 mail users can enable automatic replies. This clever function checks your incoming emails and replies with a message of your choice - so you can leave your work computer at home.

Set up automatic replies on Outlook using a message template

A template is a standard message that will be automatically sent to anyone who tries to contact you through email. The same message template will be sent to anyone who sends you a message during the dates that you will be out of office. Here’s how to create an out of office template on Microsoft Outlook:

  • Using the toolbar, navigate to Settings > View all settings.

  • A new window will appear. Select Automatic Replies.

  • Click the button to turn on your automatic replies.

  • It is recommended to choose the period of time that you would like to use automatic replies. If not, you’ll have to manually turn off the automatic replies feature.

  • Using the text box, create a generic out of office message.

Outlook also gives you the option to block your calendar and automatically decline meeting invitations if you set up a specific time frame for automatic replies. The process is easy and allows you to live in the moment during your vacation!

How to set up automatic replies on eM Client

Setting up automatic replies for when you’re out of office is a breeze on eM Client. You don’t have to go to the Outlook sign in page each time you need to set up an automatic email - eM Client is an email client for Outlook and other email providers. Automatic replies can be set up for your email account directly through the eM Client application on your desktop. If you have a Gmail or Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Smartermail, IceWarp, or Imageway accounts - then your email is compatible with eM Client’s automatic reply system. To access automatic replies on eM Client, go to Menu > Tools > Automatic replies.

You have several options for configuring the out of office template on eM Client based on your preferences:

  • Automatic replies can be set for a given period of time.

  • You can choose to only send automatic replies to people already on your contact list. You also have the choice to write a different message to senders outside of your organization.

  • Set up multiple templates for your linked email accounts. You can craft unique out of office responses based on the purpose of each email account.

eM Client: Find all the same Outlook Automatic reply options in eM Client

Automatic replies can be set up directly from your eM Client application for whichever email accounts you have linked - even if you are not an Outlook user. This simplifies the process so that you can focus on packing your suitcase instead of responding to messages that can wait.

How to write an Out of Office message template

The best out of office email templates get straight to the point and provide helpful information for the recipient. There’s a few things to remember when creating an out of office template to ensure that it is informative. Your automatic response should be concise with a possible contact for someone who is managing the tasks during your absence. Include information about the times you will be out of office and the anticipated time of your response to incoming messages.

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