Automatic replies in Outlook

This introduction revolves around Office 365 be it desktop or cloud version. If you aren’t using eM Client instead of a current or older versions of Outlook yet, this article is for you. The changes between the Outlook versions are not major.

Your long-awaited time off from daily tasks is around the corner and you just want to switch off and enjoy your vacation. It is a common courtesy to let people know what is happening and why you cannot be reached. That is what automatic or out of office replies can help you with. This clever function checks your incoming emails and replies with a message of your choice. We will take a look on how to set up an out of office template and show some of its advanced settings.

Creating an out of office template in Outlook

You need to navigate to settings > Mail > Automatic replies. In the new window, you can turn on your automatic replies. The settings allow you to adjust your replies for a given period of time or until you cancel manually. It is more useful to set it on for a period of time since it allows you some bonus features -namely it allows you to either decline invitations for new meetings or cancel all the meetings during your selected time window. Also, you can differentiate your replies to be sent only to members of your organization, your contacts list, or to every email you receive. The text editor for your replies allows you to do all the editing you are used to from other document editors.

We can take a quick look here at how eM Client handles the task. The settings for the automatic replies are therefore almost identical to what you are accustomed to. This means switching is a breeze, and there are no hiccups that would stop you from the exploration. You have several options to configure the template to suit your needs. Automatic replies can be set for a given period of time, or you can only reply to people in your contact list. Also, you may create unique template for each of your accounts.

eM Client: Find all the same Outlook Automatic reply options in eM Client

Best out of office email template

Remember though, even with options this wide, your auto-response should be concise, with a possible contact on a person who is managing the tasks during your absence. Other than that, you should also include information on the time you will be off and the reason why you cannot reply. Enough stress cannot be put on the importance of avoiding typos - read your reply thoroughly to avoid unprofessionalism.