AT&T,, & Yahoo Mail

What do AT&T, Currently and Bellsouth all have in common? All their email domains use the Yahoo Mail servers which makes figuring out the login and server settings easier!

Bellsouth net email login, login, Yahoo and others

You can find the webmail which works for login, currently and att yahoo mail login at ATT yahoo mail sign in login page. This page works for mail login and bellsouth login.

Yahoo not working in eM Client

If you're using an older version of eM Client you might encounter problems with the OAuth - that is because the implementation changed around October 2020. The older versions that will work with Yahoo Oauth are these:

For older versions you will need to use an App password - Generate and manage third-party app passwords.
This soltution is not needed in current versions of eM Client for Yahoo accounts, but is still required for

Yahoo calendar login

If you set up your Yahoo account in eM Client using the secure OAuth login, the calendar service will be set up automatically.
But you can also set it up manually via the Calendar > CalDAV option in the New account window.

These are the details you will need:

  • CalDAV Base URL:
  • User name: Yahoo! email address
  • Password: app password generated for eM Client

Currently com email settings

These are general AT&T settings, so they will work for these domains as well:,,,,,,,,,,,

Inbound server
Inbound port 995 993
SSL Yes Yes
Outbound server
Outbound port 465 465 or 587