Army Webmail and Email Login

Extra security measures can make it tough to login to your military webmail to access the important information you need to serve your country. In the past decade, the Department of Defense has frequently updated their Army webmail system to both modernize their communications platform and enhance security. This update was implemented across all branches of the military. If you have an Air Force email, Navy email, Army email, or Coast Guard email – you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the updates.

It can be overwhelming to keep track of changes to your Army webmail account access. Fortunately, there are solutions if you’re struggling to figure out how to conveniently login to your Army email. Keep track of the important changes to your Army email account so that you don’t miss crucial notifications!

What is my Army email address?

Your Army email, or military email login, is a secure email address provided as a US Army enterprise email. This email address is only for active and former military personnel. It is suggested that veterans set up email forwardingfrom their army mail to their personal email address in order to stay up to date on important military communications. Military emails use the domain

How to Access your Army email

You can access your Army email in just a few simple steps:

  • Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser. This is a required step due to security measures.

  • Access the Army email login page by clicking on the DoD Login Portal.

  • Sign in using your Army webmail username and password.

  • Enter your CAC (Common Access Card) pin to authenticate your account.

Forgot your Army email password? No problem. Visit the Department of Defense email password recovery page to restore your military webmail account.

Army Microsoft 365 webmail and Gmail

The Department of Defense used to use Microsoft 365 with an Army Outlook webmail, but recently made changes to their email provider as of 2022. After Google elevated their security measures, they became authorized to host government organizations with their new Level 4 Authorization status. Google’s new Level 4 Authorization Status makes it a trustworthy platform for confidential communication through services including Gmail for the military.

Some military personnel now have Army Gmail accounts instead of OWA military email accounts since the recent change. Microsoft Outlook is still provided for certain members of the military; depending on the needs of their role. The email domain for these accounts is the same: Users in the army will use the same army webmail login to access their military Gmail account.

What happened to AKO Army Enterprise emails?

In 2015, the Department of Defense discontinued the use of AKO Army Enterprise Emails. This service was familiar to many active and former military personnel. The service was discontinued to modernize their Army email service and enhance security. Veterans who used to use their Army AKO Enterprise Emails for their primary communication should have set up email forwarding prior to the platform change in 2013. The updated portal for Army webmail login can be found here.

Is my Air Force email login the same as the Army email login?

The Department of Defense has a different email address that identifies your department within the domain name. The Army, Air Force, and Navy have different email domain names that make it easy to identify your position. Though the domain names will have some slight differences, every branch will all log in through the same DoD login portal.

Here’s a quick overview for the email logins for each department:

  • Air Force email:
  • Navy email:
  • Coast Guard email:

Struggling to remember your Air Force email details? Don’t worry – the process for recovering your Air Force email is the same as recovering any other military email. Go to this page to begin the account recovery process to obtain your password. It’s helpful to remember that whether you have an Air Force email or an Army email, your email address will always include your first name and last name before the appropriate department domain.

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