Archiving with eM Client

The emphasis on internet communication is ever-growing and even though email might be one of the oldest means, it is not going away anytime soon.
However, with increased volumes of data being transferred between users, one needs to either have decent storage or use some form of archiving. Email archiving solutions is a topic of this article, and we will specifically cover how you can archive your data with eM Client.

What is archiving?

The idea of archiving is either to save resources on the server side or to simply tidy up your email account and save emails that might no longer be relevant, but can be theoretically useful sometime in the future.

eM Client can serve very well as an email archiving software. It offers 2 ways of archiving.

  1. Server-side Archive that is available for all IMAP and Exchange email accounts. This function can simply be used by clicking on the archive button that is located on top of the screen or by right-clicking on selected message/ messages and selecting Move to Archive. The messages will be moved to a special folder called Archive and will no longer be displayed if you start a search query.
  2. The second option is to archive your data to a local folder. This way your data is moved to a local folder structure in eM Client. These are special folders that are still accessible in the program, but your data are no longer available on webmail. This might be especially useful, when you need to save some room on the server, but still want the emails to be quickly accessible. You can configure this in Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving and the archiving then starts automatically at selected time intervals.

Enterprise information archiving

eM Client's vast compatibility makes the software ideal choice for enterprises who need reliable product that can help them not only process emails but also help with managing calendars, tasks and also make automatic archives.

IMAP accounts are supported for server-side archiving. Office365 archiving is also supported, all your exchange online archiving can be done via eM Client.

Archiving emails in eM Client is very easy and gives greater options than archiving emails in Outlook. eM Client offers 30 days to fully test the application with no attachments or boundaries. Why don't you give it a try?

Download eM Client below to start a 30-day trial and see if it's the right email app for you!