The best way to archive in your Gmail

Are you tired of constantly plowing through your emails to find the specific one? Your inbox is full and it gives you a headache? The time has come to archive some of it. Today, we will look into a solution provided by business lead Google and compare it with a possible contender.

What is archived in Gmail Archive

Archiving emails using Google apps is simple. You need to select one or multiple messages and then click the archive button in the top of the screen in Google app. The email then disappears from your inbox and is accessible to review later on. So basically, what archiving in Gmail does is to remove inbox label and keep the message in the All Mail folder - if the message was copied into another folder, it will remain in its original location.

eM Client: Automatic Archiving

What is archiving in Gmail

However, there is a slight catch. The archive is not a separate folder, meaning your archive in Gmail is part of the All Mail folder where all messages are stored and in case you are looking for a message to review, you are forced to not only check archived emails, but also all the other mails in your mailbox, be it sent, drafts etc. This either compels you to apply some special filters to ease the pain, or to know specifics about the mail you are looking for. Which is tiresome, cannot always be easily achieved and would probably require you to search for another article for further instructions.
So shortly, what does archive mean in gmail? What does archiving an email do? It just means a message without the Inbox tag.

How to access archived gmail?

Where do archived emails go in gmail? All gmail archived emails are located in the All Mail folder, so to access archive gmail simply open the All Mail folder in the folder list on the left side. How to find archived emails in gmail? Easily, archived emails are those without the Inbox tag but you can easily use the Gmail search to look for them.

Archiving emails in Gmail or outside of it the other way

The contender here is the eM Client application. It allows you to set up your Gmail or any other email account with few clicks, grants you the same archiving options as Gmail client and comes with a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

Namely it lets you archive your email into a local directory on your PC using the Automatic Archive feature, where they are easily accessible. It might come handy, when you do not want to see some email in your inbox any longer, but don’t want to lose access to it completely. The biggest plus is that these emails will no longer appear in your searches - therefore less stress on the processing power and faster response time. This bonus feature might be especially useful, when you’re trying to squeeze some precious free space from your overgrown server directory and still want to keep your old data.

Also, the local Archive can also be automatic, so you may for example archive data that are past certain age every week and stop thinking about the process altogether.

eM Client: Automatic Archiving