How to use Archive on Gmail

Wondering what is archiving in Gmail? If your inbox is constantly full and giving you a headache, learning how to find Gmail archive is essential. This article will walk you through the process of how to find archive in Gmail and how to archive messages in Gmail. The question of where do archived emails go on Gmail won’t be one of life’s mysteries anymore. The archive feature on Gmail is here to save the day!

What is archiving in Gmail?

What does it mean to archive an email on Gmail? An archived email on Gmail is just a message without the Inbox tag. For anyone still curious about where is archive in Gmail, it’s not a separate folder. Here’s what happens when you archive an email in Gmail: archiving is different from deleting an email – archived emails are just removed from your inbox. Archiving emails allows you to save emails without having to look at them in your inbox. This is great for situations when you suspect that you might need to reference an email later on, but don’t want it wasting space in your regular inbox.

How to archive emails on Gmail

Archiving emails on your Gmail account is easy. Follow these steps to quickly archive your messages:

  • Select one or more messages by clicking the box located to the left of the email title in your inbox. Alternatively, you can open the email you want to archive it directly.

  • Click the archive button in the top of the screen on the Gmail page. The email will disappear from your inbox and can be accessed to review later.

Where do archived emails go on Gmail? Archiving in Gmail essentially removes inbox labels and keeps the message in the All Mail folder. If the message was copied into another folder, it will remain in its original location.

eM Client: Automatic Archiving

How to find archive in Gmail

Where is archive on Gmail? Learning where do archived emails go on Gmail is helpful for anyone who relies on email as their primary method of written communication.The archive is not a separate folder– meaning your archived emails on Gmail are just a part of the All Mail folder. The Inbox label has been removed from these messages.

Here’s how to find archive in Gmail: To find archived Gmail messages, simply open the All Mail folder by selecting the button on the left side of your account. You might need to click on the More button to view the All Mail option. From there, you’ll be able to search for all of the emails you previously archived. Now you no longer need to wonder where is archive in Gmail.

Archiving Gmail emails using your eM Client desktop application

If you’re struggling to understand where do archived emails go on Gmail, the eM Client application is the perfect option for you. eM Client simplifies the process while providing familiarity for Google users. eM Client allows you to set up your Gmail or any other email account with a few clicks. You’ll have access to the same technique for archiving messages in Gmail– but with additional helpful tricks.

There are a couple of options for eM Client users who need to know how to find archive in Gmail with eM Client:

  • Archive emails the same way you would using Gmail on the web. Select the emails you want to archive and then click the archive button in the toolbar. Just like on your Gmail account on the web, you’ll be able to access your archived emails on eM Client using All Mail. This is a great option for people who anticipate needing to access archived messages while online.

  • If you need to access archived emails on your local drive, the eM Client application offers a feature that archives messages locally in your device using the Automatic Archive option. The best part about Automatic Archiving is that archived emails will no longer appear in your searches – therefore putting less stress on the processing power of your computer so you get a faster response time. Automatic Archive is useful for when you’re trying to save space while also saving data.

eM Client: Automatic Archiving

Archiving on eM Client provides options for people who want to enjoy the peacefulness of a clean inbox without losing important emails. Try it out and see how your productivity improves!

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