AOL Verizon mail

What is Verizon mail

Verizon Communications Inc. used to provide a mail service but in 2018 they decided to retire their mail services and instead switched all existing email accounts to AOL Mail.

Verizon Webmail AOL

Where to find aol verizon email login? Since verizon email accounts now use AOL, you can use their webamil address at

For some accounts it might be possible to use as well.

Mail Verizon not working

If you have a problem with mail aol verizon email not working in external apps you might need to update your password with a secure App Password! Ever since AOL mail added an OAUTH protection on their accounts, you need a special password to set up your email in external apps.

You can read more about this security in AOL's article on 2-step verification and find advice on how to create and manage App passwords.

Then simply open you current account settings and replace your password with the App password.

How do I access my Verizon AOL email in eM Client?

Once you add your aol mail verizon email account to eM Client it will just download or synchronize your emails for you and you can just check them inside the program.
You can go to Menu > Accounts and click the 'New Account' button. Then simply insert your verizon email account and for password you just use your App password.

AOL verizon email settings

Incoming Server – IMAP Outgoing Server – SMTP
Port 993 465
Username Your full email address Your full email address
Password App Password App Password