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4 AUG 2014

eM Client is a fast replacement for MS Outlook, Thunderbird or Outlook Express

Setup for eM Client is swift and uncomplicated. Probably one of the most useful features of this program is the fact that it supports many of Google's services and allows you to check Gmail from your desktop. It also supports iCloud, Apple Server and IceWarp. (read more)

22 JUN 2014

eM Client Review

In addition to letting you manage multiple e-mail accounts, eM Client will organize your calendar, meetings, contacts, and more for you so you don't have to think about it. You can get right to work with this client by inserting your e-mail and letting it slowly populate all of the rest of the information it needs. (read more)

17 APR 2014

eM Client Review

eM Client can be run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and offers support for all major services including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and Plus, you can use this tool on touch-capable devices and import data from other email clients. (read more)

5 FEB 2014

eM Client is a Handy Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

eM Client has many good things going for it. It has a clean, intuitive interface and supports email, tasks, contacts and calendars just like Outlook does. It fact it does a little bit more such as offering support for plenty of other services as well, such as Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and among others. (read more)

28 JAN 2014

eM Client 6

Your email client is probably one of your most used applications. There are many clients to choose from as well as the option of working online with any of a number of webmail services. As well as handling your emails, your client can be used to do much, much more - as proved by eM Client. (read more)

28 JAN 2014

eM Client Review

eM Client can be used with many different types of email account, but it is particularly suited to use with Gmail. In quick setup mode, you need provide nothing more than your email address and password and, where possible, all of your details will be pulled in for you. (read more)

5 JAN 2014

In Review: Email Clients

eM Client is an excellent option in terms of overall functionality and, especially, speed. Of all the clients I tested, eM Client had the fastest synchronization downloading roughly 30 emails a second. It also had perhaps the best interface of any client I tested. (read more)

16 DEC 2013

eM Client - Editors' review

eM Client is so loaded with features that it's easy to forget it only supports two accounts. While this could be a burden for some, others won't have a problem. If you're happy with that limitation, this program rewards you with a stylish layout and plenty of control over your accounts. (read more)

4 NOV 2013

Top Five Desktop Email Clients that equals Gmail experience

eM Client is a user-friendly desktop email client developed in 2006. It is available for free download, but the company has limited it with two email accounts. The paid version is known as an eM Client Pro, and it provides unlimited support. (read more)

8 OCT 2013

eM Client - Editorial review

eM Client is a powerful and feature-rich e-mail client. It's one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind, as it includes a lot of handy additional tools and supports a lot of useful features and functions. On top of all this, it's also completely free. (read more)

20 JUN 2013

Compare Five of the Top Email Clients

If you're looking for features, eM Client might be the service for you. You'll likely appreciate that it synchronizes seamlessly with any Gmail account, including your emails, calendar, contacts, and tasks. If you happen to be switching from Outlook, eM Client has a nice import tool for that. (read more)

15 JUN 2013

This Cloudeight Freeware Pick might be just the Email Program you have been looking for

So it was with great interest we decided to give EM Client a try last week. And for the past week we’ve been testing it under some really heavy use. We’ve not shut it down in a week and it’s still humming away, doing everything we want an email client to do. (read more)

6 JUN 2013

Email clients: 5 Alternatives to Thunderbird

Easy to set up, emClient does very fast searches and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook. This email client features a sidebar to the right of the main window. It can show all of the user’s emails to and from the person on the currently displayed email. (read more)

2 MAY 2013

eM Client 5.0 delivers email better

Whether or not your email is with a cloud-based provider like Gmail or Hotmail, there's always room for a decent email client. And if you want something that's simple, elegant and feature-packed, we suggest you take a closer look at eM Client 5.0. (read more)

1 MAY 2013

Get a better email experience with eM Client 5.0

But eM Client is more than just a client for email - it handles contacts, calendars, tasks and even chat, with support for Facebook, Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! And Google support. Throw in customizable and RSS widgets, and you're looking at one fully featured mail client. (read more)

20 APR 2013

eM Client: Worthy Alternative to Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird

If you are looking for an email program that is uncomplicated, yet rich in features, skip Microsoft Outlook or even Thunderbird and give eM Client a try. eM Client is an email program that is identical to Microsoft Outlook, but with one key difference. (read more)

10 MAR 2013

E-Mail Software: Best Email Clients for Windows 7 To Store Mails On Your PC

eM Client is an Email client cum Personal information manager software developed by eM Client Inc. This software is available in free and pro-version. Various Email standards like SSL/ TLS, S/MIME, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 are supported by this software. (read more)

6 MAR 2013

eM Client - Outlook replacement?

Thunderbird? Eudora? Windows Live Mail? something else? Well, there are pros and cons to each of the above alternatives. A fellow MVP'er recently suggested that I take a look at eM Client. And I must admit, I'm quite impressed with it at first glance. (read more)

11 FEB 2013

Four desktop email clients that can improve your Gmail experience

The newly updated eM Client is one of my favorite mail programs. It now supports Windows 8 and includes an auto-archiving feature, mail backup and restore, an improved calendar, and other welcome improvements. Its integrated instant-messaging module is icing on the cake. (read more)

31 OCT 2012

eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice.

I downloaded the beta version of eM Client 5. Some of the notable things about version 5 beta is that eM Client reportedly has full support for Windows 8 and has also adopted the modern Windows 8 style theme; looking very clean and contemporary. (read more)

30 OCT 2012

Techie Review: eM Client 4 - Great and Improving

One of the biggest differences between Microsoft Outlook and eM Client is that if you are a big user of Google services you are going to absolutely love eM Client. Where Microsoft Outlook loves Microsoft services, like Microsoft exchange services, eM Client embraces the Google services. (read more)

24 OCT 2012

Modern Email Clients Need Tighter Integration With Instant Messaging

Now, there is an application called eM Client that achieves instant messaging and contact status in the email client. It’s about as close as you’re going to get to how Microsoft Outlook integrates contact status as well as managing emails. Over the years eM Client has been progressively getting better. (read more)

12 OCT 2012

5 Of The Best Desktop Email Clients That Don't Cost a Dime [Windows]

Though Thunderbird is the most popular free client on Windows, eM Client may have a better feature set. It synchronizes flawlessly with any Gmail account, including emails, calendar dates, contact lists, tasks, and even GTalk. If you're switching over from Outlook, eM Client has an easy import tool. (read more)

18 JUL 2012

How to Quit Microsoft Outlook, Part III: Finding a New Home

Even so, eM Client is arguably the most modern and compelling Outlook alternative available today. It's particularly good at integrating with Webmail services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and it supports multiple calendars (both local and cloud). (read more)

13 JUL 2012

eM Client : A Cool Feature Rich Email Client for Windows

Not only email, it have Calendar, Tasks, Skype integration, and even more features can be added through Widgets. A really good choice for those who want a lot of features. But for those who wont clean and simple interfaces, you might have to wait. (read more)

10 JUL 2012

Missing Mozilla Thunderbird? Here are five email alternatives

emClient is closer to Opera Mail and Thunderbird than Sea Monkey. As well as providing support for syncing multiple accounts, it offers calendar, tasks and widget tools, and has a way to link into instant messaging. (read more)

2 APR 2012

The Best Free Software of 2012

The free version of this fast email client only works with two email accounts and lacks VIP support; otherwise, it's a feature-laden client that works with any kind of email, including webmail like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, complete with contact imports, calendar, and instant messaging. (read more)

14 FEB 2012

eM Client: Affordable Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

If you're looking for the Microsoft Outlook experience without paying an arm and a leg, you should definitely consider eM Client. eM Client is a functional dead ringer for Microsoft's flagship e-mail client and organizer, with e-mail, tasks, contacts, and calendaring, and it's organized in largely the same fashion. (read more)

14 NOV 2011

Five top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

eM Client is fully optimized to run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It can connect to third-party POP/IMAP servers like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail and import from other email clients, and it offers a full-featured calendar (Figure D) that can even sync your Gmail calendar or your mobile device. (read more)

4 NOV 2011

eMClient: A Desktop App For Managing Emails & Chatting With Friends

eM Client is a Windows desktop app which downloads your messages to your local drive and lets you easily manage and respond to them. The tool currently supports numerous email services including Gmail and Hotmail. IMAP and POP3 protocols are also supported. (read more)

1 AUG 2011

An Alternative to Outlook? A Fast and Affordable Unified Communications Solution - eM Client Review

I have been using Outlook my whole adult life - so I didn't want to cheat on my email application with just ANY fly-by-the-night email product that comes along. But eM Client did intrigue me and I took it out for a spin. And you know what, I liked it. (read more)

21 JUN 2011

5 Great Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

The new version of emClient has been specifically designed for running on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is free for home use while you'll have to pay for the service if you're a business user. It supports all the popular free email services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. (read more)

24 MAR 2011

eM Client - free outlook alternative with even more capabilities

eM Client is by far one of the best, if not the best, outlook alternative that we have tested and used. It provides a very comprehensive import options, letting you switch from any other email client without much hustle. (read more)

20 DEC 2010

3 Best Overlooked Software Buys for 2011

If you are finding Outlook's email and calendering tools are getting too expensive and complex, may I recommend eM Client? The application, free for basic users, specializes in supporting just about every email service on the planet - and does it all easily. (read more)

21 NOV 2010

DEMO: eM Client's new version aims to replace Outlook

eM Client is one of 70 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Fall 2010 event taking place this week in Silicon Valley. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective. (read more)

27 OCT 2010

Windows 7 email: 5 best free clients

If other email clients never quite seem to have the power or all the features you need, then eM Client may be for you. The free version is more restrictive than the others here - it's free for personal use only, and limited to a maximum of two account - but otherwise you get full access to a very extensive feature list. (read more)

2 AUG 2010

eM Client: The Evolution Of The E-mail Client

Since I haven't opened eM Client in a while, there's been a few updates to the application and I really like the way the eM Client team presents the updates. All the updates to the application that have been made since the last time that I updated have been concatenated into a single report (read more)

8 JUL 2010

Top Best Eight Free Email Clients For Windows 7

eM Client is a full featured communications suite that comes with a powerful email client, integration with Skype, and support for multiple calendars. (read more)

30 MAR 2010

The Best Free Software of 2010

Want to get rid of Outlook and get something users can master quickly? eM Client software offers all of the same features, such as e-mail and calendar. It even throws in instant messaging. It works with just about any existing e-mail server software. (read more)

21 NOV 2009

eM Client: Free Communication Client for Email, IM, Calendar

eM Client rightly calls itself as Communication client, as it supports all your communicaton needs - it is a full featured email client, comes with very good instant messaging capabilities, has integration with Skype, can access multiple calendars including Google Calendar, and a lot more. Love it! (read more)

27 SEP 2009

eM Client 2 - Alternative To Outlook & Thunderbird

eM Client 2.0 has a slightly different UI when compared with the original client and has hundreds of newly added features. Some remarkable features include Multi-Calendar with reminders, Google Calendar and Contacts sync, build-in Facebook and IM integration. (read more)

13 JAN 2009

The Best Free Software of 2009

Anyone familiar with Outlook or Thunderbird can master the basics of using eM Client freeware in no time. It already syncs with Google Calendar, and future developments will integrate social networks and IMs with your e-mail. (read more)

5 DEC 2008

eM Client the Outlook Killer

I find great jubilation in my recent uncovering of this freeware gem. The website openly advertises itself as the Outlook alternative. The clean user interface and the intuitive functions will attract even the most skeptical users. (read more)

2 APR 2008

Trade in Outlook for eM Client

Windows only: Freeware email application eM Client is a full-featured mail application that comes with a calendar, task manager, and contact manager out of the box. With an easy to navigate graphical user interface that has the familiar feel of Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client doesn't... (read more)

19 MAR 2008

eM Client takes on Outlook, Thunderbird

While Mozilla Thunderbird offers many of the same features as Microsoft's email client, you need to install plugins to add calendar and task management features. eM Client, on the other hand, comes equipped with a full featured email client and contact, task, and calendar managers. (read more)

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