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16 MAR 2017

Fast email client with full Gmail, Hotmail and other services synchronization!

If you're looking for easy to use but yet feature rich email client look no further. eM Client is what you need! eM Client is a full featured email client and more than that since it also has support for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and even Chat. Reading and sending emails is a pure joy. (read more)

21 FEB 2017

The Best Free Software of 2017

It's feature-laden software that works with any kind of email, including services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, and, complete with contact imports, calendar, task lists, and chat. (read more)

9 FEB 2017

3 great email app alternatives to Windows Mail

eM Client boasts a range of features for handling your email, including advanced rules management, mass mail and delayed send, and a built-in translator for incoming and outgoing messages. (read more)

7 FEB 2017

5 of the Best Desktop Email Clients that Don’t Cost a Dime

eM Client aims to be an all-in-one solution for dealing with office tasks and communications. It’s primarily designed for email, but also has nifty calendar integration, task management, contacts organization, and even chat support. (read more)

8 JAN 2017

The best free email client 2017

The best email client with support for a wide range of email providers and integrated chat. eM Client has been kicking around for nearly 10 years now, and its long development has enabled it to develop into the best email client for Windows. (read more)

5 SEP 2016

Best email apps for Windows 10

This email app has everything a basic user needs: calendar, contacts, and task integration, as well as live chat between users. eM Client allows you to import settings and content from pretty much all other email services, so you'll have no problem making the change. (read more)

8 AUG 2016

Get email manager Em Client 7 for free

Two things I especially love about this program: the clean, attractive interface (spruced up even further than the last version's) and the inclusion of a universal inbox, which shows all your mail in one folder rather than making you click between multiple inboxes (cough, Outlook, cough). It also has an integrated chat client that supports all the major services. (read more)

21 JUN 2016

The best free email clients for Windows 2016: The ultimate Outlook alternatives

It packs in a veritable smorgasbord of features. In addition to supporting all the standard email protocols, you get plenty of useful features such as advanced email rules management, built-in translation and support for chat via most of the more common services, as well as usable calendar and contacts management. The inclusion of AirSync support will be a big plus point for those using Outlook or Hotmail accounts, too. (read more)

16 SEP 2015

What are the best free alternatives to Microsoft Outlook?

This one comes recommended by our readers – and with good reason. It’s a fully-featured email client that’s remarkably easy to use and integrates easily with just about any email account. (read more)

2 MAY 2015

eM Client Forensics

The application can be summed up as a powerful platform as it doesn’t just serve emailing, but also offers PIM (Personal Information Manager) services along with IM (Instant Messaging). A quickly accessible sidebar brings together all these virtual assistants on one screen making end user convenience an asset of the platform. (read more)

18 JAN 2015

GamerPET Video Review - Best email client for Windows

eM Client is an Email Client available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8! I decided to get eM Client after getting tired of Thunderbird lack of upgrades. After using eM Client for the past 5 months I do have to say I am happy with my choice! (read more)

18 NOV 2014

Review: eM Client v6 – Organized and Robust

eM Client is substantially cheaper investment than Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook does not have the features that eM Client does without having to purchase or install additional add-ons. My overall opinion of eM client is that it's very nice and professional. (read more)

4 AUG 2014

eM Client is a fast replacement for MS Outlook, Thunderbird or Outlook Express

Setup for eM Client is swift and uncomplicated. Probably one of the most useful features of this program is the fact that it supports many of Google's services and allows you to check Gmail from your desktop. It also supports iCloud, Apple Server and IceWarp. (read more)

22 JUN 2014

eM Client Review

In addition to letting you manage multiple e-mail accounts, eM Client will organize your calendar, meetings, contacts, and more for you so you don't have to think about it. You can get right to work with this client by inserting your e-mail and letting it slowly populate all of the rest of the information it needs. (read more)

9 JUN 2014

eM Client 6.0.20489.0 (Polish)

Atutem programu jest obsługa widżetów, pełna integracja z komunikatorem internetowym Skype oraz możliwość odnalezienia adresów poszczególnych kontaktów w usłudze Google Maps. (read more)

17 APR 2014

eM Client Review

eM Client can be run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and offers support for all major services including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and Plus, you can use this tool on touch-capable devices and import data from other email clients. (read more)

8 MAR 2014

Editor's Choice Tech Awards from Natural News: eM Client, Bestcrypt and author Daniel Suarez

For the past year, I've put eM Client through sheer email hell and it hasn't hiccupped even once. And when I recently needed to move all my email (plus account settings) to a new computer, the eM Client transfer was refreshingly simple. (read more)

5 FEB 2014

eM Client is a Handy Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

eM Client has many good things going for it. It has a clean, intuitive interface and supports email, tasks, contacts and calendars just like Outlook does. It fact it does a little bit more such as offering support for plenty of other services as well, such as Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and among others. (read more)

31 JAN 2014

Sick of Outlook? Here are our picks for the best alternative email clients

The Windows-exclusive program is lined with unique features, each of which is accessible directly within the free incarnation of the software. The client touts all the standard messaging tools for sending and receiving messages, along with integration with Google Apps. (read more)

28 JAN 2014

eM Client 6

Your email client is probably one of your most used applications. There are many clients to choose from as well as the option of working online with any of a number of webmail services. As well as handling your emails, your client can be used to do much, much more - as proved by eM Client. (read more)

28 JAN 2014

eM Client Review

eM Client can be used with many different types of email account, but it is particularly suited to use with Gmail. In quick setup mode, you need provide nothing more than your email address and password and, where possible, all of your details will be pulled in for you. (read more)

5 JAN 2014

In Review: Email Clients

eM Client is an excellent option in terms of overall functionality and, especially, speed. Of all the clients I tested, eM Client had the fastest synchronization downloading roughly 30 emails a second. It also had perhaps the best interface of any client I tested. (read more)

16 DEC 2013

eM Client - Editors' review

eM Client is so loaded with features that it's easy to forget it only supports two accounts. While this could be a burden for some, others won't have a problem. If you're happy with that limitation, this program rewards you with a stylish layout and plenty of control over your accounts. (read more)

15 NOV 2013

Five free Gmail-friendly email desktop clients

eM Client offers Gmail synchronization built in. This particular solution is more of a traditional email client. In fact, you might find it similar to that of Outlook - only geared toward Gmail. With eM Client you can work with your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. (read more)

4 NOV 2013

Top Five Desktop Email Clients that equals Gmail experience

eM Client is a user-friendly desktop email client developed in 2006. It is available for free download, but the company has limited it with two email accounts. The paid version is known as an eM Client Pro, and it provides unlimited support. (read more)

8 OCT 2013

eM Client - Editorial review

eM Client is a powerful and feature-rich e-mail client. It's one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind, as it includes a lot of handy additional tools and supports a lot of useful features and functions. On top of all this, it's also completely free. (read more)

20 JUN 2013

Compare Five of the Top Email Clients

If you're looking for features, eM Client might be the service for you. You'll likely appreciate that it synchronizes seamlessly with any Gmail account, including your emails, calendar, contacts, and tasks. If you happen to be switching from Outlook, eM Client has a nice import tool for that. (read more)

15 JUN 2013

This Cloudeight Freeware Pick might be just the Email Program you have been looking for

So it was with great interest we decided to give EM Client a try last week. And for the past week we’ve been testing it under some really heavy use. We’ve not shut it down in a week and it’s still humming away, doing everything we want an email client to do. (read more)

6 JUN 2013

Email clients: 5 Alternatives to Thunderbird

Easy to set up, emClient does very fast searches and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook. This email client features a sidebar to the right of the main window. It can show all of the user’s emails to and from the person on the currently displayed email. (read more)

2 MAY 2013

eM Client 5.0 delivers email better

Whether or not your email is with a cloud-based provider like Gmail or Hotmail, there's always room for a decent email client. And if you want something that's simple, elegant and feature-packed, we suggest you take a closer look at eM Client 5.0. (read more)

1 MAY 2013

Get a better email experience with eM Client 5.0

But eM Client is more than just a client for email - it handles contacts, calendars, tasks and even chat, with support for Facebook, Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! And Google support. Throw in customizable and RSS widgets, and you're looking at one fully featured mail client. (read more)

20 APR 2013

eM Client: Worthy Alternative to Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird

If you are looking for an email program that is uncomplicated, yet rich in features, skip Microsoft Outlook or even Thunderbird and give eM Client a try. eM Client is an email program that is identical to Microsoft Outlook, but with one key difference. (read more)

10 MAR 2013

E-Mail Software: Best Email Clients for Windows 7 To Store Mails On Your PC

eM Client is an Email client cum Personal information manager software developed by eM Client Inc. This software is available in free and pro-version. Various Email standards like SSL/ TLS, S/MIME, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 are supported by this software. (read more)

6 MAR 2013

eM Client - Outlook replacement?

Thunderbird? Eudora? Windows Live Mail? something else? Well, there are pros and cons to each of the above alternatives. A fellow MVP'er recently suggested that I take a look at eM Client. And I must admit, I'm quite impressed with it at first glance. (read more)

11 FEB 2013

Four desktop email clients that can improve your Gmail experience

The newly updated eM Client is one of my favorite mail programs. It now supports Windows 8 and includes an auto-archiving feature, mail backup and restore, an improved calendar, and other welcome improvements. Its integrated instant-messaging module is icing on the cake. (read more)

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