eM Client with IceWarp Server

eM Client fully synchronizes with IceWarp Mail Server in these ways:


IceWarp Mail Server is a communication and collaboration software providing secure and reliable solutions for email, calendars, tasks, and contacts. eM Client allows customers to access all data and serves as a full-featured desktop counterpart for the IceWarp platform.

  • Work with email using standard protocols
  • Access your calendars and tasks
  • Synchronize your contacts across any platform or device
  • Work with secured Instant Messaging
  • Synchronize signatures and server settings



Using SmartDiscover, you can configure the IceWarp Mail Server to automatically synchronize all available services with eM Client (email, calendars, tasks, contacts, messaging).


To setup an account in eM Client simply add a new account and fill in your email address and password.


Start using eM Client!

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