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4 Aug 2014

Setting Up Signatures for Emails with eM Client

Email signatures are professional looking and they give people information about how to contact you other than hitting reply. Even for personal use, email signatures give your email character. It gives you a chance to show your personality because you can use a quote or just create a fancy signature using a special font for your name. The other bonus to signatures is that they are easy. Once you have it set up, you never have to do anything to have it placed on your email. It's there when you start a new email or reply to someone, if you choose that setting. Here's how to set it up for the first time.

 Go to Tools and select Settings.

Click on Mail and then Templates and Signatures.

You will see two sections in the window that comes up:
1. Mail Templates
2. Signatures

We will show you how to use mail templates on another blog. For now, we will deal with the Signatures section. Click on the block that says “Signatures…” A new window will appear. You can create a new signature by click on the Add button to the right. A new window will appear to start editing your signature. Name the signature, so you know which one you'd like to use for which email addresses. Feel free to use all the features we have in our editing window such as the bold, italics, underline, font, etc.

Once you have your signature exactly the way you want it, click ok. You will see your signature name in the window that says Signature list. Press ok to return to the previous window.

Now you can set up the signature you want for each of your email addresses. Click on the drop down menu after the text “Select signature for account.” Select the email address you want to choose a signature for here.

Below this you will see three options:
1. Signature for new mails
2. Signature for replies
3. Signature for forwards

If you want your signature to appear on new emails, you will need to select the signature name in the drop down. If you want to have your signature show up when you are replying to people, you will need to select the signature from the list there as well. If you want it to appear when you forward emails, do the same for that drop down box. If you do not want your signature to appear for any one of these, just leave the field as “Not Selected.”

After this, press Apply and then Ok and your signatures should be working flawlessly.

Modifying and Removing Signatures

To modify or remove signatures, go to Tools, Settings, Mail, and then Templates and Signatures. Click on the box that says “Signatures…” Click on the signature name you want to change or remove from the Signature list. Simply press modify if you want to change it, or remove if you want to delete it.

You now know how to create, modify and remove signatures. Go ahead and play around with it. You'll love the way eM Client personalizes your emails and helps you make them professional at the same time.


21 Jul 2014

Chat with Friends from Your Email Client with eM Client

It can be frustrating to go from one chat application to another when trying to stay connected with friends and colleagues. When you throw in sending emails, it's even more overwhelming. The good news is you don't have to keep switching between applications to connect with people, you can do it all from one with eM Client.

eM Client is different from other email clients. It has the functionality to allow you to chat with people on:

• Google Talk
• Facebook
• XMPP/Jabber

All your contacts from these chat platforms can be in one place on your eM Client chat interface. When you need to email someone, go to eM Client. When you want to chat with someone, go to eM Client.

Now that you know it's possible to chat on eM Client, you probably want to know how to set it up. It's simple!

- Click on Tools
- Click on Accounts
- Look to the bottom left of the window and click on New Account.
- A new window will come up, and you can simply click on the tab that says Chat.
- You will be presented with Facebook, Google Talk and XMPP/Jabber. Click on one of them to set it up.
- Simply input your log in information for the chat you want to incorporate into eM Client and you're done.
- Accessing Contacts
- To access your contacts, look to the right of your screen. You will see options such as Contact Details, Agenda, Invitations, and Chat. Click on Chat and you will see all of your contacts. Double click on one of the contacts to start chatting.

Receiving Chat Messages

eM Client will notify you when someone is messaging you. You will see a window come up with their message. You can reply right in that eM Client chat window.
How nice is it that you can be available when your contacts need you simply by having your email client open?

Don't want to be available all the time? Just go to the list of contacts and click on the option to the bottom right where it says "Online". You can change the setting to show you are away, busy, or do not disturb. There is even an option to show people you are free to chat.

Now go ahead, download eM Client, and get started with the best email client there is out there today. Let us know if you have any questions, so we can help you experience the full functionality of our application.


7 Jul 2014

eM Client's Advanced Spell Check for Spelling Error Free Emails

Most people didn't win the spelling bee as a kid, and those that did, probably still type faster than they can think resulting in spelling errors. It just happens, and without spell check, emails are sent with embarrassing errors. With eM Client, you wouldn't ever have to worry about sending emails with spelling errors. This advanced feature tells you when you've made a mistake, and it provides suggestions on how to correct it. With the support of many languages, our spell check goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to spell checkers.

How to Use It

To start using eM Client's spell checker, go to Tools and then click on Settings. This will bring up a window. Under the General section, choose Spell Checker. On the right, you will see three sections:

1. Default Spell Checker Settings
2. Mail Spell Check Settings
3. Instant Messaging Spell Check Settings

As you can see, you have spell check for everything you do with eM Client. Simply click on each field to choose your language and then check off the use automatic spell checker.

When you compose an email, you should start to see red lines under the words you've spelled incorrectly. If you right click over the word, a window will appear with the correct spelling of the word. Left click on the correctly spelled word and your word will be replaced with the correct one.

Changing Spell Checker Language in an Email

If you write emails in different languages sometimes, there's no need to go back into settings to change the spell checker language. You can change it for each email you write. While composing the email, click on tools and then on Spell Check Language. The list of languages appears in a window to the right, and all you have to do is choose the one you need. The next email you write, the spell checker will revert to your default settings.

BEST Feature eM Client Has Unique to Other Email Clients

International users of eM Client will love this feature. Your keyboard automatically tells eM Client which language to spell check your emails in. No need to switch eM Client spell checker language when you set up this email client! The application can just check to see which keyboard language you have set, and adapt to that language. We love to make things simple for you!

Start Using the Spell Checker Today

Set up spell checker in eM Client today. If you don't have the email client yet, go ahead and take a minute to download it. We know you'll be impressed with all the amazing features. Check back here for more tips and tricks on how to  get the most out of this powerful email client.


11 Jun 2014

Bulk Emails the Easy Way with eM Client

Sending multiple emails can be somewhat cumbersome, especially if you don't want disclose every single person's email address you're sending the email. For many email clients, you have to use BCC, but not with eM Client.

How to Send Emails to Multiple Recipients

eM Client has simplified the way to send bulk emails. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Put in all the email addresses you want to send the email to in the 'To' field.

2. Type your email's subject in the subject line.

3. Type out the email you wish to send.

4. When the email is ready to be sent, all you have to do is click on 'File' and then select 'Send as mass mail'.

This feature will allow you to send the email to all the recipients in the 'To' field without showing who is receiving it.

You can use this feature with a distribution list as well. Let's say you have to send emails to a specific group of people. Instead of always putting in all the email addresses, you can just create a distribution list.

To create a distribution list, go to 'File' and mouse over 'New'. A list of options will appear. Choose the one that says 'Distribution List'. The Distribution List window will appear and there you can click on Add New and then put in everyone's email address.

When you start a new email, all you have to do is put in the name of the Distribution List in the 'To' field. Write your email, and then send it as a mass email, which means just clicking on File and then 'Send as mass mail'. All the people in the distribution list are hidden.

Why eM Client Added this Feature

This is a new feature for eM Client. We understand people lead busy lives in the company of many people. Sometimes, they need to send the same information to multiple people, but they don't have the time to create separate emails. With this feature, everyone can receive the information they need and secure the privacy of the recipients.

If you're new to eM Client, visit the download page to get started using the best email client online. If you've been using it for a while, try out this feature. There's a high chance you’ll like it enough to let all of your colleagues, friends and family know how much easier eM Client makes the online communication.


19 May 2014

Transfer All Data from Your current Email Client to eM Client Easily


Are you using Outlook, Thunderbird, or another email client? Are you not happy with it? If you said yes to these two questions, it's time to make the switch to eM Client.

eM Client is a powerful email client that makes managing your emails, contacts, calendar, and chat easy. There's no email client out there with as many awesome features as eM Client.

But wait, are you wondering about your data on the other email client? Don't worry one bit about that because we've made it easy for you to import all of your data.
Simply download eM Client. It's FREE!

Once you do that, open the program and click on File. You will see an option that says “Import….” When you click on that, a window will appear with many options for importing data. Some of them are:

• Import from Microsoft Outlook
• Import from Microsoft Outlook Express
• Import from Windows Address Book
• Import from Windows Mail
• Import from Windows Live Mail
• Import from Thunderbird
• Import from folder with .eml files
• Import from The Bat!
• Import events from iCalendar
• Import contacts from vCard
• Import contacts from .csb file
• Import contacts from Facebook
• Import from Mbox file
• Import settings from XML file

When you click on one of these options, it will automatically find the program on your computer. It will then pull all the information it finds from it. Yes, it's that intelligent.

If you have a file you want to import, all you need to do is click on it, and then browse your computer to find the file. You can then choose where you want it to be stored and click on finish. It will then take the information from the file and place it safely into eM Client.

You could be using a better email client in just a matter of minutes. Go ahead and try it out, you will not be disappointed.

*If you should have any trouble, turn to our support team at http://www.emclient.com/support