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2 Mar 2017

eM Client 7.1 Beta

It’s been some time since we released eM Client 7 and we’ve been working on the next big update ever since. Now it’s finally ready for you to put it through its paces. By testing the new update, you can do your part in helping us make it as polished as possible.

eM Client 7.1 BETA

What's new

eM Client 7.1 is bringing some frequently requested features with it as well as several quality of life improvements. PGP encryption support, performing backup while eM Client is running, automatic avatar downloading or Out of office replies for Gmail are just a few of the many features coming in 7.1.

PGP support

Undoubtedly our biggest and most important addition to eM Client 7.1 is PGP support. PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy” and it’s as close as you can get to military-grade encryption. Privacy has always been important for us and now we’re bringing you a way to make your emails more secure than ever. Encrypt them with PGP and you can be pretty sure that no one except your recipient will be able to read them.

How to participate in the beta test

Anyone with a valid eM Client 7 license is eligible for 7.1 beta, including Free users – 7.1 beta has no expiration date, unlike our previous beta tests. Also unlike our previous eM Client 7 betas, there is no database migration involved, the database structure stays the same, no lengthy import process this time!

We are fairly confident that eM Client 7.1 is stable enough for daily use, but it’s still a beta test. We strongly recommend creating a backup of your 7.0 database before you install the eM Client 7.1 beta update as a safety precaution to prevent any accidental data loss. Downgrading back to 7.0 without a 7.0 backup will not be possible and we will not be able to assist with such issues. As always, by installing a beta version you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.


Something not working as it should? Is your eM Client crashing? If you come across any bugs during testing, please let us know at testing@emclient.com with as many details as you can and we will look into it. Thank you for your help!

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17 Feb 2017

New License Manager

eM Client License Manager is a tool for managing licenses and settings for eM Client Pro customers. It enables you to remotely deactivate old unused licenses as well as configure server settings like updates and signatures for your entire company.

New License Manager

As you might have noticed, our old License Manager ran on Silverlight. The problem with Silverlight was the fact that no modern browser really supported it anymore and as a result, pretty much the only way you could access it was through Internet Explorer.

Which brings us to our next question - which web browser is your favorite? Do you, like almost 60 % of the world, like Chrome and its speed and simplicity? Do you prefer the customizability of Firefox? Or perhaps you ride the cutting Edge of Microsoft?

We recognize that not that many people use Internet Explorer anymore these days and finally after a long period of development, we brought 2017 to our License Manager. No longer will you be required to install Silverlight or be locked to Internet Explorer. You can now access the new License Manager on ALL browsers. Period.

The layout and controls stay the same, so you won’t have to re-learn everything you already know about the License Manager, only now it’s lightning fast and way prettier, keeping in with our design philosophy in eM Client 7.

It’s live already, so go to licensemanager.emclient.com and try it out for yourself!

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30 Jun 2016

eM Client 7

eM Client 7 is launching! It has been a long road and a lot of hard work and finally we're proud to announce the release of eM Client 7. You can check out some of its features below as well as download the setup file.

eM Client 7 RC

New UI

The interface has been completely redesigned. With a sleek, modern design and a lot of new original themes, eM Client looks better than ever.

Conversation View

The long awaited conversation view is here. Your correspondence will now be grouped into relevant conversations, making browsing through messages easier than ever before.

Dark Theme

Do you often work late into the night and need something easy on the eyes or do you just like your applications in darker colors? Try the new official dark theme - we promise you'll love it!


You can use the QuickText feature to send your own predefined blocks of text by simply clicking a button. Very useful if you find yourself frequently sending the same information repeatedly.

Delayed Sending

You can now schedule mails to be sent at a defined time and date. Useful when you are communicating with someone from a different time zone or if you want your message to be sent while you're away from your computer.

Mail Translation

When you receive a message in a different language than the one you have set as default, eM Client can now translate the message with a single click.

The License

Owners of the Lifetime Upgrades Pro license can download and upgrade right away. Owners of regular Pro licenses will be required to purchase the appropriate upgrade to be able to use eM Client 7.

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7 Jun 2016

eM Client Release Candidate

eM Client 7 is almost ready. Ever since the launch of the first Beta, we've been working on fixing all the issues that were found and reported during the first large-scale testing. Now we are happy to announce the launch of eM Client 7 Release Candidate for public use.

eM Client 7 RC

What's new

The Release Candidate is a version which is being released for all users. It no longer uses eM Client Preview data folder, because the final version is going to be almost identical. The RC serves to make sure that all important issues reported in the beta phase were fixed. The progress between Beta 2 and Release Candidate is significant. There are tons of bug fixes, improved overall performance and user experience.


The new version includes Danish localization and better support for Japanese and Chinese data input. However please note that some texts may remain in English in some localizations for the moment, an issue that will be fixed before the final version release.


If you discover any bugs or issues while using the RC version, please report them to our support team at testing@emclient.com and we will look into each reported problem thoroughly.

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20 Apr 2016

eM Client BETA 2

eM Client 7 is getting ever closer to its release. Since the launch of the first Beta, we've been working on resolving all the issues that were discovered and reported to us during the first large-scale testing. Now we're releasing Beta 2 for public use in order to detect any remaining issues prior to eM Client 7 full-scale launch.

Label support

What's new

Beta 2 includes many fixes reported to us by testers and users who have participated in the first Beta. Fixes include major improvements for conversation view, high-res and touch displays support and GMail labels improvements.

Improved UI

The new version has a completely new look and feel. With Beta 2 we continued to work on improving the user experience on all computers and thus it now features multiple touch gestures with touch mode like multiselect, drag & drop in configuration and better navigation with quick scrolling.

Conversation View

Conversations also received a lot of improvements including Collapse and Expand All, Communication and Attachment history and many conversations scenario fixes, resolving issues with mixed conversations and other incorrect behavior cases that we've come across during testing.


The new version now includes several new localizations options like French, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish and Slovak.


In case you come across any issues with the Beta release, please make sure to report them to our support team at testing@emclient.com and we will look into each reported problem thoroughly.

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