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8 Sep 2014

Safeguard eM Client Email with Password Protection

When you have multiple email accounts going to eM Client, it can be a pain to put in your password for every single one of them. To make it easier on you, we've implemented password protection for the eM Client application. When you have your application password protected, you will only have to put in one password to view all of your email accounts. You can then breathe easy that someone can't open your computer and eM Client to access all of your emails.

How to Password Protect eM Client

While you are in eM Client, go to Tools at the top navigation bar. Click on Settings when the drop down menu comes up. If the General menu is now pulled down, click on it. You will see options such as language, notifications, confirmations, storage, and then password protection. Click on password protection to see the window on the right.

The title of this window is Password Protected Startup. Make sure to click on Use password protected startup. This means that the application will prompt you for a password everytime you open eM Client. You can then type in the password you would like to use. Make sure it's something no one can guess. Confirm your password by typing it in again. Click on Apply and then OK.

At this point, close eM Client. You can test out your new password protection feature easily. Simply open eM Client back up and you should see a prompt asking you for your password. Type it in correctly to see if it allows you access to your email. Once you see how well it works, close the application again. This time, reopen it and type in the wrong password. You should see that it will not allow you to access your emails. Now you know for sure that no one will be able to read your emails unless you leave eM Client open or you tell someone your password.

Please Note: This password protection feature does not encrypt the database. It simply requires you to enter a password to get into eM Client application.

Check back every Monday for more tips on how you can use all of eM Client's features.

If you don't have eM Client yet, you don't know what you're missing. Download it for free on our site. We are sure you'll love it as much as all our users around the world do.

1 Sep 2014

Encrypting Databases with eM Client

Many eM Client users turn to us seeking information on how they can encrypt their databases. As much as we would love to offer this feature, we don't. And that's because it's already included in your Windows, as long as you are a Pro or Enterprise Windows owner. So if you fulfill this requirement, we can show you how to encrypt your database.

Why Would You Want to Encrypt

Encryption ensures the information you have in your databases is unrecognizable to hackers. No one will be able to steal personal information. This is highly important as hackers become more intelligent at infiltrating email databases to search for social security numbers and bank account information.

What You Have to Do

eM Client doesn't include encryption as one of its features because it's not needed. Windows takes care of that. All you have to do is go to the database you want encrypted (default database location is "C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\eM Client" where xxxxx is the user name), right click on it, and click properties. In the properties window, click on Advanced and then click on encrypt the folder. That's it! You can now breathe a sigh of relief that your folder is encrypted and not susceptible to hackers.

Windows Home Users

Unfortunately, users of the home version of Windows will not be able to encrypt their folders using this method.

For those with further questions about encryption, please go to our support page at www.emclient.com/support. We aim to provide the very best support to our eM Client users.


25 Aug 2014

How to Effectively Use eM Client's Sidebar

eM Client incorporated a sidebar in its email client to make navigating all of its features easy. The sidebar helps you find your contacts quickly, as well as their details. It lets you read communication history, review your list of tasks and any attachments sent between you and your contacts. Understanding how to use these features will help you have a better experience with eM Client.

About the Sidebar

The sidebar has four sections:

  1. Contact Details
  2. Agenda
  3. Chat
  4. Invitations

To hide/unhide the sidebar, simply click on the arrow nex to the text that says Contact Details.

What the Contact Details Section Tells You

The Contact Details section gives you the email address, mobile/telephone number, Skype address, and chat message contacts. You can use this section to pull up information quickly when you need it. Many people love that they can call someone, email, or Skype someone as soon as they need to all from one place.

What You Can Do with the Agenda Section

The agenda section keeps in you on task. It reminds you of birthday, events, and any emails you've flagged. You'll have a much easier time keeping on top of everything with this section.

One of the features of the Agenda section is that you can set it up to show you events anyway that you would like such as all upcoming events in the coming day, two days, three days, week, two weeks, month, three months, etc. You can overwhelm yourself as much or as little as you would like with this feature.

Search Bar Finds What You Need When You Need It

Can't find what you need in eM Client? Don't worry, we've implemented a search bar to help you. All you have to do is put in a couple of words or more of what you need to find. eM Client's intelligent technology will then search everything you have such as events, email, etc. and give you the results that have those words in them. You'll find what you need quickly and easily.

Add New Tasks in Seconds

On the phone when you get a new task to do? No problem. Simply add the new task as you're getting the details in the sidebar. You'll be amazed at how many tasks you can create in a day and how easy it is to do them and then check them off to mark their completion.

Chat With Everyone

You can link chat capabilities with Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, Live Messenger and much more. This section lets you see everything about your contacts such as whether they are online and their contact information. You can organize your chat contacts too. That way you can go right to a group when you need to chat with the members in it. You can also toggle the section to only show you people who are online.

As you can see the sidebar on eM Client provides you convenience and organization. You can do a lot just with the sidebar, and you can do a lot more with the entire application. Download eM Client today if you haven't already. 

18 Aug 2014

Contacts Organized Simply with eM Client's Address Book

Many people have a difficult time keeping all their contacts organized. They have so many of them coming from so many directions that sometimes they just give up on trying to organize them. This is usually more because of the application they are using rather than not having the time or patience. eM Client provides a simpler way for you to organize your contacts and even brings in more features than many other email clients.

Import Contacts

Contacts can be imported from many different emails such as Gmail. This process is much simpler than what it used to be like where you had to enter them in manually. What a headache that was back then.

Match Email and Chat Contacts

Many times, you may have the chat information for people, but not their email. Alternatively, you may have their email but not their chat information. With eM Client, they integrate. When you have a person on your chat, the system will find the person in your address book and include their chat information. This way you have all the information you need, when you need it.

Color Code Contacts

Some of your contacts are your friends, others are your family. For business, you have some that you work in the office and others that are spread across the globe. When looking for people to send emails too, it can be much easier to look for colors rather than names. That's how the color code feature comes into play and helps you. For every contact, you can create a category and attach a color to it. Once you have that color attached to that category, you can then assign it to each person you want in it. Just imagine how easy it will be next time you want to send an email to a brand that is located in California. You can simply name the category California and attach the color yellow to it and that's it. You know exactly who needs to be included in the email.

Automatically Adds Contacts for Future Use

eM Client does something quite interesting to your address book capability. When you email anyone, that person's email lands in your address book. When you go to email that person again, you can simply start the email address and the email client will show you the rest of the email address. This saves you time and frustration when you can't remember that email address you used last week.

Easily Delete Contacts

Sometimes, you may not want to keep email addresses you haven't used in a while. Deleting them is simple too. Simply go to Contacts under Tools or press Ctrl+B. You can then press Ctrl and then click on each person you want to delete. Once you've highlighted everyone, simply press delete on your keyboard.

Start Using eM Client Contacts More Effectively

We hope you've learned more about how to use eM Client effectively. If you haven't downloaded our email client yet, now is the best time. Head over to our download center to try it out for free. You can use it personally for as long as you want, but if you want to attach more than two emails, you can upgrade. Most of our downloaders do because they realize how powerful our email client really is to their email, chat, and calendar management.

11 Aug 2014

Create Custom Emails with eM Client Templates

Send emails that will get noticed with eM Client's templates. You can make them look any way you wish, and you can use them whenever you need it. Simply choose the template before starting an email. That's it.

Setting up a template is easy on eM Client.

1. Go to Tools.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Mail.
4. Click on Templates and Signatures.
5. The top section of the window says Mail Templates. The first field is for you to "Select template for account." This should be the email you'd like to use the template on. The second field says "Template for new mails." This is where you can choose a template only to be used on new emails. The next field says "Template for replies." This is where you choose the template you would like to use for email replies. The last field is for forwards, which is why it says "Template for forwards." You can choose a different template for each one of your types of emails (new, reply or forward), or you can choose one for all of them. You can also just have a template for new mails, replies or forwards.
6. Create a template by clicking on Mail Template... A window will appear. You can then click on Add to create a new one.
7. After clicking Add, a window will come up. This is where you will create your template. Fill in the Template name, Subject, and then choose a font and color. You can then choose background. You can either use a photo or just have a solid color. To the right, you can create the email you want to turn into a template. Once you're done, click OK to save it.
8. To modify a template, simply click Modify in the Templates window. You will then be able to edit the template you have chosen.
9. To delete a template, just click on Remove after selecting the template you no longer want.

Templates are an attractive, easy way to send emails to people who will take notice of your unique email style. You can also create templates when you're sending a similar email to many people, but only need to change a few parts of it. Templates can be used in many ways, so test it out today to see what you can do with them.

Getting eM Client for Great Looking Emails

If you don't have eM Client yet, you don't know what you're missing. You can try it out for free by going to our site at http://www.emclient.com. Once you see how powerful it is, you will probably want to use it for all your accounts, which means you'll want to sign up for the PRO license. It's a minimal cost for the amount of high quality features you'll receive from our email client. Download it now!