eM Client 7

eM Client RC

eM Client 7 is finally launching! It has been a long road and a lot of hard work, but finally we're proud to announce the release of eM Client 7. You can check out all of its features below as well as download the setup file.

  • New User Interface

    The interface has been completely redesigned. With a sleek, modern design and a lot of new original themes, eM Client looks better than ever.

  • Conversation View

    The long awaited conversation view is here. You correspondence will now be grouped into relevant conversations, making browsing through messages easier than ever before.

  • Dark Theme

    Do you often work late into the night and need something easy on the eyes or do you just like your applications in darker colors? Try the new official dark theme - we promise you'll love it!

  • Mail Translation

    When you receive a message in a different language than the one you have set as default, eM Client can now translate the message with a single click.

  • QuickText

    You can use the QuickText feature to send your own predefined custom texts by simply clicking a button. Very useful if you find yourself frequently sending the same information over and over again.

  • Delayed Sending

    You can now schedule mails to be sent at a defined time and date. Useful when you are communicating with someone from a different time zone or if you want your message to be sent while you're away from your computer.

  • Transferring from eM Client 6 to eM Client 7

    You can transfer all of your eM Client 6 data to eM Client 7 seamlessly. Please note that due to major database changes in eM Client 7, this process can take some time, especially for accounts with a large number of locally stored emails.

  • The License

    Owners of the Lifetime Upgrades Pro license can download and upgrade right away. Owners of regular Pro licenses will be required to purchase the appropriate upgrade to be able to use eM Client 7.

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