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eM Client for OX App Suite

OX App Suite is now fully supported by standard eM Client application that will grant you with regular updates, a better license system with advanced license management options, and full support from eM Client team.

Fast transition to eM Client

The transition process is quite easy and you can get your settings transferred in just a few steps:

  1. In eM Client for OX, go to Menu > File > Export, choose 'Export settings to XML file' and save the exported file.

  2. Install latest eM Client from here:

  3. Run the new eM Client and import your settings from the saved file via Menu > File > Import > Import settings from XML file.

Your new license

Finally, to make full use of eM Client, you will need to obtain a new license. We realize that changing products is unpopular, and that's why we have a special offer for you:

Upgrade from eM Client for OX
to eM Client 8

with a 30% discount (49.95 USD 34.95 USD)

Pro version will expand
your eM Client with:

  • unlimited email accounts,
  • unlimited commercial use,
  • professional VIP support,
  • unlimited functionality
    (incl. Notes, Mass Mail, instant translation of emails, Send Email Later, All Attachments view, Snooze Email or Watch For Replies features).

If you encounter any problems with account setup or anything else,
you can always contact us, we are ready to assist!